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Wes announced as the new Co-Host & Community Leader of Miami-Made!

Miami made. is a grassroots Founder-led movement for a thriving startup ecosystem. Over 150 Founders united as one tribe to create a more supportive ecosystem that enables Founders in South Florida to build better companies and live more balanced lives. Miami Made's mission is to leverage the diversity, collective knowledge, and creative energy of founders to lead Miami’s startup ecosystem to its next evolution as a premier place to start a company that thrives.

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Meet Weslye Saunders

NFL Tight End, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Journalist, Philanthropist, Holistic Wellness advocate, & Emotional Intelligence coach

Give more than you take. And don't keep score. ~ Wes Saunders

At Win with Wes, our purpose is rooted in servitude to the community. But we can not begin to serve others, until we have healed ourselves! Mental, physical, and spiritual vitality are of utmost importance when it comes to living a purposeful life!


"Service to others is the rent that we pay for our room here on earth"

- Muhammad Ali

Volunteer with Wes & SVC

Wes has been involved with the non-profit, Silent Victims of Crime since 2018 and continues to be an integral part of the organization as Health & Sports Director for the children and caregivers. SVC empowers children with incarcerated parents and children of returning citizens. The trauma of parental incarceration impacts the whole family and children with incarcerated parents are 70% more likely interacting with the penal system than any other children. 

SVC offers family healing through Holistic  methods that were developed by the Founder, Tinkerbell, Holocaust Survivor and Childrens Advocate. Today SVC has helped break hundreds of intergenerational incarceration family cycles and make sure that none of the children we work with go to prison although statistics states otherwise. 

Twice a month SVC hosts Leadership Events that focus on learning life skills, healing and growth mindset.

Join Wes and volunteer with SVC family at the next Leadership event!


Win With

Wes is a firm believer in the saying, "service to others, is the rent that we pay for our room here on earth." A quote that he picked from one of his earliest icons, Muhammad Ali. A man who believed that his servitude to the global community, was just as important as what he accomplished in the boxing ring.

Although Wes' career as an NFL athlete is undoubtedly noteworthy, it is the manner in which he uses that platform to inspire others, that makes Win with Wes so unique.

Energetic, power-packed seminars, breath therapy, nutrition counseling, and guided meditations, are just a few methods that Wes utilizes to optimize vitality in your life!



"Overcoming trauma & adversity, discovering emotional intelligence, and healthy eating, are just a few of the factors that I believe are imperative to reaching our goals. 

Getting to the top requires one set of skills, but staying there, requires another.


Win with Wes emphasizes the "3 C's" when attacking any problem: Clarity, communication, and compassion.

Whether you're a company with dozens of employees looking to grow, or you're an individual struggling with mental health issues, we have tools available to help you achieve success!

I take pride in sharing about my experiences overcoming depression, anxiety, obesity, and prescription drug abuse. Because it was through those battles, that I discovered a new passion for life and vitality!  

And now I get to share these tools with the world."

- Weslye Saunders

Click the Book Now button below to schedule a free consultation with Wes.

Wes Joose

The Wes Joose team is committed to providing a stellar 100% Holistic Superfood Juice Blend of the highest quality for customers. By using all-natural and power-packed ingredients and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best "joose" in the industry!


Life is better, when healthy. If you're ready to retake control of your health and your life, you're in the right place!

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Wes Joose

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He's got tremendous upside...we look at where he's capable of going. By no means is he a finished product.

Mike Tomlin

Head Coach | Pittsburgh Steelers


Everybody has a stumbling block or 2 in life. They come they go, we learn and grow. Weslye's learned he can help others over theirs. Most importantly, he's grown into the man big enough to do it! ...My type of guy.

J. Gentile Everett

TV Show Host | The WORD Network


After every conversation with Wes you leave better than when it started. If I'm picking my team Wes is on it! #WinWithWes

Tate Kennings
Hidden Gem Brands

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