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Want to win?
Meet Wes

Wes Saunders Logo Gold.png

He looked fantastic. Exactly what we thought he would look like!

Mike Tomlin - Pittsburgh Steelers

Athlete-Entrepreneur With A Purpose Driven Heart


A Personal Message from Wes


To quote the late icon Dick Gregory, "One of the things I keep learning, is that the secret of being happy, is doing things for other people."

I couldn't agree more. This belief is what guides my approach here at Win with Wes.

While I am only 33 years old, I have been through enough ups and downs to last lifetime! But even through my darkest hours, I never lost sight of my purpose: serving God, and others.

I understand first hand the negative effects that depression, stress, and unhealthy eating, can have on our well-being.  I was once an insecure, 300-pound overweight athlete, whose identity was plagued by negative publicity. 

But what I thought ruined me, actually rejuvenated me! I guess it's true, what they say; Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely.

Through my unwavering faith in the Most High, my supportive family, and a newfound knowledge of what health really means, I was able to turn my life around! And it all started with loving myself first.

Self-love is a catalysts for inner healing, and living a full and vibrant life! But far too often, people are denied that vitality, because of such issues as societal constraints, toxic family dynamics, or childhood trauma.


Win with Wes removes those limiting beliefs by presenting an ancient, community-based, approach to tackling our fears and emotions: with love and discipline. 

I created a consciousness-based program, specifically to address the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of people all around the world. 

I believe that a true "influencer" is one who has the ability to change and impact the lives of others, in a healthy way. I've learned through hitting life's curveballs, that a major key to winning is learning how to maintain yourself in tough moments.

My journey to the NFL was not an easy one, but who said it would be?

Every win involves, amongst other things, effort and timing. The win may come through your health, finances, or any other measure. We can't control time, but the effort that is required, begins on the inside.



February News

Wes guest stars on the Black Fly On The Wall Podcast

"Men Who Feel" Episode

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