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Win with Wes Services

Overcoming trauma & adversity, discovering emotional intelligence, and healthy eating, are just a few of the factors that I believe are imperative to reaching our goals. 

Getting to the top requires one set of skills, but staying there, requires another.


Win with Wes emphasizes the "3 C's" when attacking any problem: Clarity, communication, and compassion.

Whether you're a company with dozens of employees looking to grow, or you're an individual struggling with mental health issues, we have tools available to help you achieve success!

I take pride in sharing about my experiences overcoming depression, anxiety, obesity, and prescription drug abuse. Because it was through those battles, that I discovered a new passion for life and vitality!  

And now I get to share these tools with the world.

Click the Book Now button below to schedule a free consultation with Wes.

  • Keynote Speaking, Panels & Conference Appearances

    1 hr

    Price may vary
  • Summer camps, school initiatives, autograph signings, and more!

    3 hr

    Pricing may vary
  • Emotional intelligence, meditation, breathwork, and physical restorati...

    1 hr 30 min

    Pricing may vary
  • Team building, leadership activities, diversity initiatives, and more!...

    2 hr

    Price may vary

  • 35 min

    125 US dollars
Wes Saunders Logo Gold.png
Wes Saunders Logo Gold.png
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