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Why Wes Joose?

I created Wes Joose with one goal in mind: to naturally improve the health of my family and loved ones. It’s well documented that in black & brown communities, medical issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension, run rampant. However, we do not treat these issues as an urgent matter, although we absolutely should! I was raised in North Carolina, where the economy relies heavily on tobacco, sweet tea, and pork. Growing up, I struggled with my own bouts of obesity, respiratory issues, acne, and depression. But I was still able to perform at a high level in sports, in spite of all that. As I moved on to college and then the NFL, I gained more knowledge about nutrition, and I realized just how unhealthy our eating patterns are. Especially here in America! At one point in my career, with the help of dairy, sugar, and processed foods, I tipped the scale at over 300lbs. (And that’s entirely too big for my position of tight end.)

Carrying all of that excess weight eventually led to me breaking my foot; twice. Doctors warned me that if I did not take better care of my body that I wouldn’t be playing for much longer. So that’s when I got serious, and started studying ancient techniques of self care and healing. And what I found was astonishing! From remedies such as fasting & juicing, to breathwork and meditation, I embarked upon a whole new outlook on what it meant to be healthy. I gained an understanding of the spiritual connection that occurs, with the way that we treat our bodies. I lost 42lbs in less than six months after a consistent fasting & juicing routine. But aside from the weight loss, I felt absolutely amazing! My mind was clear, I had tons of energy, I was sharp, and most of all, I felt good about myself. So of course I wanted to share this feeling with the world! Why wouldn’t everyone want to feel like this?!

I began conjuring up my own concoctions of superfoods and mixes, to see what worked for me. And eventually settled on an alkaline beet & ginger blend, built around gut health, blood flow, and energy. I needed to incorporate natures medicine, to combat the aforementioned health afflictions in our community! And it was an immediate hit. My parents loved it, but also, they noticed themselves feeling more vibrant and lively. Eventually, the “Wes Joose” spread by word of mouth, and before long we received orders from very prominent figures in Miami, Los Angeles, and even Sweden!

It excites me to watch this company grow and flourish organically, while we continue to promote a healthy lifestyle to people all around the world! Thank you for joining Win with Wes on this journey! Health is wealth, and not much else.

Weslye S.

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